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On August 22, Sara Lords and Nikki Burroughs from Blue Cross participated in the 34th Annual Cascade Medical Center Foundation golf tournament. This year the raised funds will be used to purchase much needed equipment for Cascade Medical Center. Blue Cross of Idaho was one of our amazing sponsors providing support for this rural Idaho health foundation.




Annual Golf Tournament

"To financially support, promote and encourage the growth of quality health care through supporting the needs of The Cascade Medical Center"

Since 1984 the Foundation has provided funds and reserves to assist CMC in its quest to enhance and expand its services to Valley County residents and visitors.

Each year a fund raising campaign is initiated based on the approved capital expansion plans for the coming year. That campaign includes an appeal to all Hospital District residents and property owners in early summer and a golf tournament in late summer.

Last year, the Foundation funded purchase of a new Ultrasound machine for the medical center. With this advanced imaging capability, providers are able to perform both scheduled diagnostic screenings as well as emergency scans. Our primary care and emergency room providers are trained on using the equipment with trauma patients, to detect blood around the heart and in the abdomen, to detect blood clots, and to examine the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, bowels, and carotid arteries. Every Tuesday our Ultrasound Technologist performs scheduled studies, including abdominal, venous/arterial, and Gyn.

This year, the Foundation is raising money to upgrade equipment the hospital uses in its most time sensitive emergencies. A new Glidescope intubation system will help providers more quickly restore airway/breathing in patients in respiratory arrest. We are also funding acquisition of new advanced defibrillators, which are used to shock and restart the heart if the heart has stopped or is in a lethal rhythm. These robust, sophisticated, full featured defibrillators are used by life-saving medical professionals (as opposed to simpler models available in public places) and include heart rate monitoring, CPR measurement and feedback, and ECG analysis for both adult and pediatric patients.

Foundation News Letter

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