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Behavioral Health

At Cascade Medical Center we are proud to offer Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care, Counseling and Hospital Social Work.

Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care

Our Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) is available to patients within Primary Care, as a part of our Primary Care Team. Medical research suggests that many chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, COPD and heart disease can be caused in part by behavioral factors. The BHC may:

  • Partner with providers and patients to address behaviors that affect their health, provide tools for symptom reduction, behavior change and coping.

  • Provide assistance in coping with headaches, fibromyalgia, diabetes, asthma, COPD, and hypertension.

  • Help patients develop plans to change behaviors, such as, smoking, weight loss, reduction or cessation of alcohol, increasing exercise, medication management or other lifestyle changes.

  • Help with emotional or behavioral problems such as family or relationship difficulties, parenting concerns, excess stress, sleep problems, loss and grief, depression, anxiety, or anger problems.

  • Work with patients and families in developing Advanced Directives (Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney) and senior care resources.

Visits will be in conjunction with your primary care visit. Visits with BHC typically last 20 minutes.

Counseling (Psychotherapy) Services

Counseling is provided for individuals, families, and couples struggling with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, behavioral problems in children, stress management, marital issues, and grief.

The initial Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment visit is typically 1 hour, follow up visits typically last 30-45 minutes based on patient need.

Hospital/Medical Social Work.

In the hospital settings, the Medical Social Worker can be a member of your care team much like your Medical Provider. Our social worker may assess for bio/psycho/social needs that should be addressed, complete risk assessments, assist with discharge planning and help patients locate resources within or outside of the community.
The Hospital Social Worker can help with wide variety of needs, including helping families cope with the loss, sickness or injury of a loved one, provide assistance with advanced directives, and making end of life plans.

Would You Benefit From Behavioral Health Services?

  • Have you spent five of seven days feeling unhappy?

  • Do you have difficulty sleeping at night or do you want to constantly sleep?

  • Have you lost your job?

  • Have you lost someone close to you?

  • Do you have a chronic or acute medical illness?

  • Can you no longer prioritize what is most important in your life?

  • Has there been a change in your eating pattern that concerns you?

  • Are drugs or alcohol causing problems in your family?

  • Have you thought about hurting yourself or your family?

  • Are behavioral issues impacting work or your child's school performance?

  • Do you avoid going home?

  • Are the stresses of life getting you down?

  • Are you worrying excessively?

  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from meeting with our Behavioral Health Specialist. Call the clinic at (208) 382-4285 to schedule a visit with your Primary Care Provider or request a visit via your Patient Portal.

    At Cascade Medical Center we understand Cascade/Valley County is a small community, and your privacy is very important to you. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will follow all federal and state laws regarding privacy. Our Behavioral Health Provider is regulated by licensing boards and is subject to loss of licensure and fines for breaking privacy practices.